Profile and tube production in the semi-finished products industry

Pointing tubes via machine innovation

We provide our customers in the semi-finished products industry with the right solution for the production and further processing of tubes, rods and profiles. No matter which material is being processed, we know what’s important in profile and tube production. We have experience beyond steel, stainless steel, copper, brass or aluminium products. We have also worked intensively with systems for precious metals and superconductors and have realised individual solutions for our customers.


Wide range of machines for tube production

With a huge number of projects over the past 50 years, we have continuously expanded our portfolio of machines for tube production. This includes, among other things, drawing machines, pointing machines, saws as well as straightening and profiling machines. In the recent past we have also dealt intensively with separation systems, various handling systems and the bundling of tubes.

Tailor-made draw bench solutions

It is very important for us to offer customised solutions. We have an enormous range that we can cover from small 60 kN drawing benches for thin copper tubes to a 3,000 kN drawing bench for large tubes up to Ø 500 mm. In combination with a bundle loader for separation and an integrated pointing hammer machine, fully automatic plants are created that enormously increase productivity. But we can also realise manually operated draw benches for products with small batch sizes, such as precious metals or superconductors.

Pointing tubes via machine innovation

In terms of pointing, we stay flexible. For thin-walled tubes we offer folding presses that make it possible to point different dimensions without changing tools. Our pointing hammer machines have established themselves in steel tube production with their extremely quiet operation and durable construction. They can be used to point thick-walled pipes. For extremely thick wall tubes, they are used in combination with energy-efficient induction heating.

If you want to point round rods or profiles, we recommend our push-in devices. These can either be integrated directly into the drawing machine or operated as a stand-alone machine.

Robust mechanical engineering even at high temperatures

We pay special attention to building massive and durable machines. In doing so, we do not shy away from high temperatures. Our run-out systems, which are attached directly to the extrusion press, take up the strands, which can be up to 900 °C, with the puller and cool them down to room temperature on a cooling table. Then the products, which can be up to 50 m long, are cut into fixed lengths with our high-performance circular saw and stacked.