Separating devices for tubes and bars


Are you looking for a solution to automatically feed your tubes and bars into one of your new or existing machines? Then you have come to the right place. As a result of many years of experience, we can offer a wide range of different separating devices depending on your requirements and your product.

Bundlader für große RohreBundlader für große Rohre

Correctly separated via bundle loader

Our bundle loaders have proven to be the standard for separating round material. The bundle is placed in a belt trough by a forklift or overhead crane. Out of the bundle, a small number of tubes is pre-separated by swivelling hooks and transferred to a cross conveyor. The conveyor transports the products to stops where they are aligned. From there, a single tube is separated and transferred to the following machine.

This system works fully automatically in the medium diameter range, from approx. Ø 10 to 100 mm, depending on the length and the bending of the tubes. Depending on the product range you want to separate, there are various details that lead to success. For larger dimensions, a simple slope is sufficient, for smaller dimensions, it is necessary to move them by belt conveyors. By driving both sides of the belt, the tangled bundle can be turned out automatically.

Individual solutions for large and small tubes

For large and heavy tubes > Ø 100 mm our so-called disc separation has proven itself. In this process the tube does not roll. Instead it is lifted in a defined manner into the following device. This allows even solid material to be gently separated without damaging the product or the separator.

For very small and long dimensions, < Ø 10 mm, which are also often heavily tangled, we offer the so-called finger separation as a separation device. The end of the tube is lifted manually by the operator or automatically by a robot arm and a camera system. The remaining tube is then stripped over its entire length by a scraper.

Combined machines - fully automated

All these systems can of course also be combined with our pointing machines, drawing machines, saws and other special machines. The result is fully automated systems that guarantee high productivity and economic efficiency. Of course, we are also happy to work out special solutions for you, e.g. a vacuum beam for separating aluminium tubes or a magnetic gripper for lifting round bars of carbon steel.