Automation and robotics


The best machine is useless without a functioning control system. We take great care to programme our machines smart and make them easy for the operator to understand.

. To meet these requirements, we have continuously refined our skills in electrical engineering, automation and robotics in recent years. Meanwhile, our control cabinets are now designed in 3D and manufactured in-house.

Roboter BlockladerRoboter Blocklader

Ready for Industry 4.0

In the age of digitalization and Industry 4.0, all of the required process parameters are of course recorded and transferred directly to your PDA system. Recipedata can also be uploaded from higher-order systems to the plants. This ensures that your processes are stable and traceable. In addition, all our plants are provided with a remote maintenance connection so we can guarantee support for our customers worldwide.

Automation of extrusion presses by robot technology

Modern six-axis industrial robots, which are very flexible, are interconnected with the automation of extrusion presses. It is no longer possible to imagine press automation without robots. We use robots on extrusion presses for copper, brass and aluminum, the cleaning and lubrication of tools, and for handling the press discs.

Robotics is also becoming more common in the production of carbide rods. Our fully automatic piston extrusion press 4.0 can be filled by a robot so that it can run unstaffed for a longer period of time. The finished pressed rods are sorted into transport trolleys by the same robot and can be moved directly into the sintering furnace.


Robotics in tube production

There are also many possible applications for robots in tube production. They have especially proven themselves as a replacement for complex handling systems or end machining. From small pick-and-place robots to the world’s largest six-axis giant with a payload of 1,200 kg and a reach of almost four meters, we have already tried everything for plant automation.


Special machine engineering in Upper Austria

However, we do not only use our know-how in familiar areas. We also continuously develop custom-made products for other industrial sectors in our special machine construction. We recently developed a fully automatic formwork cleaning system for a well-known Austrian manufacturer, where a robot cleans the formwork elements with a high pressure of 2,000 bar.

If you are looking for a solution in the sector of automation and robotics for which there is no standard machine on the market, please contact us. We will be happy to work out a concept for you! We would be happy to work out a concept for you!