Machine service by Haginger


We look after you for the lifespan of your machine

Plant and machine service at the customer’s site is of great importance for us at Haginger. The documentation is very detailed and is kept up to date with the latest technology. If purchased parts installed in our systems are no longer available after several years, Haginger will select an alternative replacement product .

Our services include:

  • Exchange of defective parts
  • All maintenance work
  • Program tuning and performance increase
  • Chaining with other machines
  • Adaptation to new requirements or to the latest state of the art
Firmenbus Haginger

Technical service for third-party products

For tubes and extrusion presses up to 50 MN , Haginger can deliver and install all components such as counter holders, cylinder beams, container holders, moving beams, new guides, etc. This applies to all makes. If your documentation is defective, talk to us.

For all parts we carry out a calculation based on the finite elements. For drawing machines and levelers, we can offer you component replacement, modernization and performance enhancement.

Arrange an appointment for a machine service with the Haginger experts today.