Revolutionary piston extrusion presses for carbide rods

The perfect press for helical drills with cooling holes

With our piston extrusion press 4.0 we have revolutionised the pressing of carbide rods. With countless functions, the extrusion press meets all requirements necessary for the production of high-quality rods and drills.

750kN Kolbenstrangpresse750kN Kolbenstrangpresse
Kolbenstrangpresse 4.0Kolbenstrangpresse 4.0
1800kN Sideloader Presse1800kN Sideloader Presse
1500kN Kolbenstrangpresse1500kN Kolbenstrangpresse

Highest possible precision for constant pitch

The high-precision control of our extrusion press is unique. The extrusion cylinder is moved at a constant extrusion speed of +/-0.001 mm/s. This ensures that even very small rods are pressed with a constant speed, important in the production of a constant pitch for carbide rods with helical twisted cooling channels.

Another unique selling point is the enormously high specific pressure in the material cylinder. The feedstock is compressed at up to 1.400 bar. This guarantees the homogeneous structure and excellent strength properties of your rods.

Innovative drive for pressing carbide

This is enabled by the specially developed drive concept of the press cylinder. It is virtually silent and enormously energy-efficient. During pressing, the press consumes less than a standard vacuum cleaner. This not only helps the environment, it also saves operating costs. The hydraulic unit is also compact and space saving, mounted directly on the press cylinder. There are many more benefits that make the press irreplaceable for you.

Function and comfort perfectly combined

For ergonomic filling the extrusion press lowers automatically. There is no longer any need for ladders or platforms, which pose an unnecessary risk of injury. The press can also be continuously swivelled to the press angle. All these movements are carried out fully automatically by electric drives.

The container and the tool area can be temperature controlled to create the perfect ambient conditions for each binder system. All parameters are clearly displayed on the control panel and can be stored for quality assurance.

Customised automation

To take full advantage of the press, the piston extrusion press should be combined with our automatic cutting device. This ensures exact alignment between the press and the handling system. In the highest expansion stage, loading and unloading of the extrusion press can be carried out by a six-axis robot. In the highest expansion stage, loading and unloading of the extrusion press can be carried out by a six-axis robot. This even enables unmanned operation over an entire shift.