Special machinery for formwork cleaning


Our passion is the construction of special machines and we do not hesitate to take on new tasks. For example, we have developed a fully automatic system for cleaning formwork for a well-known Austrian formwork manufacturer, unique in this case.

The cleaning is done by a six-axis robot which blasts the formwork frame with pure water at high pressure of 2,000 bar. In the past, the formwork elements were cleaned by workers using a high-pressure cleaner. However, the working conditions were extremely tough. At the outlet of the nozzle, the noise level is far above 100 dBA, the workers are always in a cold spray fog, and the risk of injury from the high pressure is not insignificant either. In such cases, the robot for automatic formwork cleaning brings enormous benefits for the workforce, who are now only responsible for loading and unloading the machine.


Success with high pressure

The robot has another advantage: it follows the same path with high precision in every cycle, always with a good cleaning result. The enormous range of different dimensions is also no problem for the robot. Elements from 90 x 20 to 300 x 240 cm can be selected and cleaned in one recipe. And not only for steel frames, even for aluminum. In this case, the distance as well as the pressure of the nozzle are automatically adjusted.

Of course, as well as cleaning the formwork frame with the system, we also clean the formwork facing. For this purpose, a disc grinder is mounted on the robot in addition to the high-pressure nozzle, which carefully removes concrete rests from the entire surface of the formwork without damaging the sensitive formwork skin.

Finally, the underside of the formwork is cleaned of heavy dirt while the panel is moved out of the system.

Cleaned without leaving any marks

To protect the surrounding area from the high noise level and spray fog, the entire machine is housed in a sound-insulated and sealed cabinet. The wastewater is pumped into a central wastewater tank where it is reprocessed. Underneath the plant, a scraper conveyor automatically conveys all concrete rests into a screw conveyor which transports the rests into a collecting container.

Formwork elements cleaned in this way are ready for use on the next worksite before they return for the next cleaning at the end of the year.