Pointing of tubes, rods and profiles


For the drawing of tubes and bars, the pointing of the products is essential. Different systems are used depending on the product and the cross-section. To offer various solutions, we have hammering machines, folding presses and push-in machines in our product range.

All our pointing and hammering machines can be combined with one of our fully automatic handling systems.

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Hammering machines for seamless and welded steel tubes

Our pointing hammering machines are mainly used in steel tube production. They impress with their robust design and extremely quiet running. The result: minimal noise development. With this machine, a concept that has been tried and tested for decades has been updated for the 21st century. The machine is available in various sizes and is usually combined with an intelligent feeding device that sets the tube in rotation and inserts it into the hammer mouth. However, this also allows folding rods to be produced on one and the same hammering machine.

All product parameters are stored in a recipe file. The feeding device automatically sets the optimum speeds and pressures. This prevents operator errors and has a positive effect on the machine’s long lifetime.

Perfect solution even for large dimensions

A special advantage of our hammers is that even tubes with large wall thicknesses can be cold-formed. This means the surface preparation for drawing can already be done before the pointing process and saves on time-consuming work steps necessary for hot pointing.

Should it still be necessary to point the tubes hot, we offer energy-efficient solutions with modern induction furnaces which heat the tip of the tube to the exact temperature.

Modernisation of existing hammering machines

If you already have AVS hammering machines in operation, we can adapt our tool holder to existing tools so that they can continue to be used. That saves high tool costs. Of course, we can also supply the pointing hammer with a complete tool set. In this case we also take care of the construction of the hammer jaws.

Furthermore, we also offer spare parts and revisions for AVS hammering machines.

Smart folding press without tool change

For thin-walled tubes made of aluminium or copper alloys, our smart, hydraulic folding presses are used to reshape the tube to the desired hinge diameter at the touch of a button. The press works without changing the tool jaws. In addition, the machines are extremely quiet and energy-efficient.

Solid push-in devices for bars and profiles

Our push-in devices are used for solid material, such as round bars or profiles. They can be used as stand-alone units or integrated directly into the drawing machine. The product is clamped hydraulically and pushed into the drawing die with enormous force.