Special machine engineering for a wide range of industrial sectors


Our main area of expertise is the development of machines for the production of carbide rods and tubes and bars made of all kinds of metals. Almost always, these are special machines. Of course, we always use a basic standard which we have built up over the last few decades. But the most important thing for us is to stay flexible and individual in the construction of our machines. Only this way can we offer the customer special machine engineering solutions they are looking for.

As a result, we often get technical solutions which we can also use in other industrial sectors. If you have an application for which no solution exists on the market, contact us! We will evaluate all options and give you an initial cost estimate so we can determine as early as possible if the development makes economic sense.


Professional project management, from offer to aftersales

We have developed many new machines in recent years, including a fully automatic formwork cleaning system, a brushing machine for stainless steel wire, cleaning systems for stainless steel tubes, and an automatic transport trolley for transporting 30-ton press tools. All these machines have one thing in common: they are absolute prototypesthat never existed before. The most important thing, of course, is that the machine does what is expected of it.

To achieve this goal, we focus on professional project management. The design is done in close dialogue with the customer so that their experience can be included in the machine.

We are currently working on the construction of a finishing line for so-called piles made of ductile cast iron.