Laboratory press and micro-drill press with highest precision


We not only supply our standard piston extrusion presses in the sizes 750 kN and 1,500 kN, but we also deliver smaller presses for laboratories and micro-drill production. It is important for us that these presses have the same high precision as our standard presses. With a laboratory press of this quality we set ourselves ahead of the competition and offer the customer the greatest added performance.


Complete range of functions even in small format

All other functions, such as the almost silent operation and high energy efficiency, are of course also available in the laboratory press. The special feature is that we assemble the press exactly according to your wishes. For example, the material container diameter and the stroke of the press are adapted exactly to your requirements. Of course, we also adapt the tool holder so that you can use your existing tools. A tempered recipient is of course also standard with our presses.

We can offer the press with automatic functions as well as a manually operated machine. In this way, it can be individually designed according to your budget and requirements.

Perfect for the R&D sector

The most important thing about a laboratory press is, of course, that all parameters, such as pressures, temperatures and speeds, are recorded. This allows you to perfectly analyse and improve the rheological behaviour of your feedstock. This function is included in all our piston extrusion presses as standard and with no extra costs.

The process data are shown directly on the display as a diagram. The values displayed can be individually compiled so that you have an overview of exactly the data which really matters to you. The data can be saved as a CSV file, on a USB stick, at the touch of a button, or sent directly to your PDA system (e.g. SAP) via an OPC-UA interface.

Furthermore, the set values can be saved in a recipe database so that you can continue with the parameters which have been established so far at a later point.

In this way, our laboratory press supports you in the future developmentof your material and helps you to continue improving the quality of your products. It is an absolute must for your R&D department!