Drawing machines for the semi-finished product industry

High precision for high-quality metals

Since the foundation of our company, the development and construction of drawing machines for the semi-finished product industry has been one of our main competences. They are used for drawing tubes, profiles and bars and are flexible in their application. Almost all metallic materials can be processed in this way. The drawing process reduces the cross-sectional dimension and gives the product a higher tightness. This gives the dimensions a high degree of precision.

We are not only experienced in processing steel, aluminium and copper alloys, but also special metals such as gold, platinum, and titanium and even superconductors, such as those used in the particle accelerator at CERN.

60kN Rohr-Ziehmaschine60kN Rohr-Ziehmaschine
400 kN Bullblock400 kN Bullblock
900kN Ziehmaschine900kN Ziehmaschine
400kN Stangenziehmaschine400kN Stangenziehmaschine

Drawing machines for every requirement

The size and the drive concept of the drawing bench are specially adapted to your requirements. Depending on the length, chain, rack and pinion, ball screw or hydraulic cylinder are used. The longest drawing bench we have built had a total length of 125 m and was used to draw 60 m long superconductors. The largest machine had a drawing force of 3,000 kN. It is used to draw copper tubes with a diameter of up to 500 mm. But we also have the right machines for small dimensions. With a special drawing tong concept in combination with a drawing brake, we can draw small brass tubes with Ø 4 mm and wall thickness of 0.1 mm without damaging the tubes during the unloading stroke.

Individually designed plants for tube and profile

Our drawing machines work in combination with a bundle loader for separating, a pointing hammer machine, and a saw as a fully automatic production line. We have many years of experience which is particularly important for the tube drawing benches. Often the challenge is the handling of the tubes and the automatic mandrel on the fixed mandrel rod.

Of course, we also offer simpler concepts with manual loading for drawing small batches. Each enquiry is examined individually, and an economical concept is developed accordingly.

Our drawing machines are mainly used for drawing straight tubes and bars. But we also have bull block drawing machines in our range. With the so-called bullblock, lengths of up to several 100 m can be drawn. We also offer solutions for automatic handling of the coils.